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                                                   WORKSHOP SUMMARIES 

·         Fear

For many men, the admission of fear is quite difficult.  In some cases, it has been ingrained in them from the streets and/or prison. For others, it was taught in the home. Whatever the source, it will be necessary for men to accept, that their fear has hindered their growth process, and their ability to confront some critical areas of their lives.

 ·         Guilt

For many men, especially those returning home from prison and those with substance abuse issues, there are immense issues of guilt that often paralyzes them from being involved in the lives of their children and other family members. This session unveils the beliefs attached to this emotion and its effect on the individual.

 ·         Grief and Loss

The preceding sessions regarding the emotions of “fear” and “guilt” are included in this session due to the connection amid them all.  Participants will be directed to identify how they responded to previous loss/separation and understand that there is a grieving process when parting from any relationship.

 ·         Effective Communication

Communication between men and women has always been a topic of discussion, but the discussion often ends with one saying how they just do not understand the other.  This goes back to the “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” theory.  Often times the communication gap widens the longer the father remains away from the family. This gap will be addressed.

   ·         Establishing of Group Norms

During this session participants will establish what behaviors will be acceptable and/or unacceptable during the group.  This is where they will begin to learn how society determines its laws and daily practices, and where many of their behaviors are contrary to what are “socially acceptable”.  They will be prompted when necessary, but the intent is for participants to expose their thinking patterns to one another.  This also provokes challenging of those who set norms, but violate them too.

 ·         Parental Responsibilities Defined

What exactly are the responsibilities of one parent to the other parent…to the child?  Who defines this responsibility and, does anyone have a proven method of child-rearing?  These questions and more will be answered during this session.

 ·         The Blended Family

Where exactly is the line drawn with rights and responsibilities a step-parent has over children who live under their roof?  Should the parents and step-parents have any type of relationship beyond that of the partner to the child’s parent?  We will delve into this seemingly complex relationship.

 ·         Consequences and Conditions of an Unhealthy Environment

Substance abuse, criminality and other forms of abuse seem to be those that many people believe are some of the only contributors to unhealthy environments.  During this session we will review other areas that must be confronted in order to make way for healthier conditions for children.

            Having reviewed and discussed the list of conditions that make for an unhealthy environment in the preceding session, now we will probe the residue of these conditions.  This session will analyze the lives of the participants, their children and the other parent from varied perspectives.



“DAD’S DO 2!”

Dad’s Do 2!” was developed as a means to educate fathers of all ages on learning to become physically and emotionally available to their children, as well as the mother of their children.  Many of these fathers have long histories of physical and/or emotional absence which is a result of many significant childhood events, i.e. abandonment, loss/grief, poor communication in the home, and other unhealthy conditions. 
“Dad’s Do 2!” will help males identify their own areas of need, enabling them to begin taking responsibility, and move toward change.  Many will find this change to be gratifying for themselves and family members as well. They will also come to understand that they have the power to heal the wounds they have inflicted upon others, while relieving themselves of  suppressed guilt, shame, and remorse. 
“Dad’s Do 2!” will produce a network of fathers who will begin to assume their rightful roles in the lives of their children, families and communities.

                            "LEAD BROTHER LEAD"

 “Lead Brother Lead” was developed as a means to educate males of all ages on appropriate ways to assume their rightful roles in the home, family, community, and society as a whole. Some males have embraced a way of life based on misinformation passed down from others who themselves were misinformed. The cycle of males driven by anger, fear and resentment must be broken.  Many males feel trapped in a way of thinking that is self-destructive, self-defeating and self-incriminating.
“Lead Brother Lead” will help males end this vicious cycle and guide them toward taking a more responsible approach to living life on its terms; while gaining a clearer perspective of their reality. Every male has been ordained from birth with the charge of his family, which is exemplified by the modeling of right conduct; insuring that his family is protected, provided for and cared for emotionally, physically and spiritually. 
“Lead Brother Lead” will produce a network of males of all ages whose relationships will be grounded in mutual respect and a genuine concern for one another’s well-being; making for future leaders of our communities.