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 Sabir Alim, MHS

 Sabir is a 2005 graduate of Lincoln University’s Master of Human Services program. He has worked in the field of human services for over 16 years, primarily with male and female adult offenders.  His clinical expertise is in substance abuse, criminality, mental illness, and related conditions.  He considers himself to be a cognitive behavior specialist, with an in-depth understanding of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) and Motivational Interviewing.  Being a father of three daughters, Sabir knows all too well the impact a father's absence (physically or emotionally) can have on a child. He was physically and emotionally absent from the lives of his daughters; one of those relationships continues to be a strained one. "Children, although resilient, are severely impacted by the absence of either parent, because it affects how they continue to develop in every area of their lives."  Sabir's father was also absent from his life for many years. Sabir dedicates Daddy’s Right Here, Inc. to the memory of his father who was mercilessly murdered on September 14, 2004. "Although our relationship was short, I got great pleasure in coming to know my father from my own perspectives, not those of others. That meant a lot to me." Sabir's motto is.... "I am Driven by divine precepts and an undying passion to facilitate the change in the lives of others."

More about me.........http://daddysrighthere.wordpress.com/


  Ralph T. Green, MHS

  Ralph is also a native Philadelphian. Ralph is married and he has three lovely daughters. He has been working vigilantly in the field of human services for over 18 years.  The population that Ralph has primarily served are adults diagnosed with mental illness and/or substance abuse, and related issues. Ralph graduated from Lincoln University in 2005, earning a Master of Human Services degree.  Ralph says that one of the main reasons why he  works in human services is," Because I enjoy helping people”.  There are a host of others who Ralph has and continues to be a model of right conduct for.

     Ralph feels that a few of the areas he is most skillful in are, individual counseling, group facilitation, and teaching adult daily living skills.  Ralph is presently pursuing a PhD in Administration of Human Services.